Slatwall Brown PVC Inserts 1200mm Pack of 12

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Brown Slatwall Plastic Inserts (Pack of 12)

These inserts are recommended to be used with slatwall panels for stability and neat finishing touch.

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Brown Slatwall plastic inserts - pack of (12):

Slatwall inserts can be applied to slatwall panels for greater strength and stability.They can also be used to
enhance the look of the panel. Methods of installation include clipping them directly onto the panel or positioning
them into grooves from the side of the panel. A wide range of colours are available to choose from.

The pack consists of 12 pieces of inserts which are enough for a 8' x 4' panel.These inserts reduce the sharpness
of grooves, and give extra strength to hold the slatwall accessories.

Key features:

Colour: Brown

Size: 1200mm Long

Material: Plastic PVC

Pack Size: 12 Inserts

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You're reviewing:Slatwall Brown PVC Inserts 1200mm Pack of 12
Slatwall Brown PVC Inserts 1200mm Pack of 12