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White Slatwall Display Panel 4ft x 4ft (1200mm x 1200mm).

Slatwall Panel is ideal for transforming the original decoration into an attractive and effective retail display space. It is a highly flexible display system, with 23 slats to display a variety of products whatever the nature of your business. A range of fixings and accessories are available on our website to create a display area as per your requirements. We also have a variety of different colours or finishes to be chosen from. Specifically choose between one of our light coloured panels (white, cream, grey, maple etc) to create that lighter effect ideal for displaying clothing, jewellery, shoes and lots of other products.


Slatwall display panels are a popular and cost effective way to transform any retail space. Whatever the nature of the business, it is the most ideal shop-fitting solution to transform plain walls into an effective merchandising area and display a wide range of products to your customers. It is available in two different sizes (8ft x 4ft and 4ft x 4ft) and in a range of melamine faced finishes and many other colours to suit your requirements. They can also be ordered as single-sided or double-sided (choose 'lamination' above). Double-sided panels (laminated at the back of panel as well) are ideal if both sides are visible to customer, for instance.

Slatwall is a highly flexible display system. It has 23 slats or slots that can display a large number of products on a selection of hooks, arms, trays, baskets and shelves. A large variety and range of such display accessories are available to be chosen from which can be easily repositioned however you like, how many times you want in order to create and customise your own unique display design. Panels have slots at 10cm (4 inches) intervals for maximum flexibility and merchandise/product density. (Other slot configurations are available at an additional cost)

Slatwall is a very durable and eye-catching retail display unit. Slatwall Panels are easy to install and can be screwed direct to the wall or on wooden battens (The latter is recommended). In addition, choose from our extensive range of easy to fit coloured PVC, mirrored or aluminium inserts for that extra strength and load-bearing. For an even more professional look and to help with fitting, you can also add Slatwall Profiles or Finishing Trims, such as corners, edging and joining strips. Using profiles and inserts will enhance the look and finish.

Our product is high quality MDF Slatwall Panel, manufactured in the UK. We supply only top grade, high density boards made from the highest grade MDF, ensuring a strong and long-lasting board.

 Key Specifications:

TypeSlatwall Panel
Dimensions (size)4 x 4 ft (1200 x 1200 mm)
Pack Size and Contents 1 x Slatwall panel
Slatwall Centres/Intervals100mm (4in)
No. of Slats 23
Material MDF with Melamine Finish
Weight16.5 kg


Information regarding delivery for Slatwall Panels:

Prices given for the delivery is only for UK MAINLANDS.

Please do contact us for further details if you are ordering from Isle of Men, Scottish Highland, Channel Islands or Northern Ireland.


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